Climate Consultant is a simple to use, graphic-based computer program that helps architects, builders, contractor, homeowners, and students understand their local climate. It uses annual 8760 hour EPW format climate data that is made available at no cost by the Department of Energy for thousands of weather stations around the world. Climate Consultant translates this raw climate data into dozens of meaningful graphic displays.

Description: Psychrometric Chart

The purpose is not simply to plot climate data, but rather to organize and represent this information in easy-to-understand ways that show the subtle attributes of climate, and its impact on built form. The goal is to help users create more energy efficient, more sustainable buildings, each of which is uniquely suited to its particular spot on this planet.

The Psychrometric Chart shown to the left is one of the more advanced features available in Climate Consultant. Each dot on the chart represents the temperature and humidity of each of the 8760 hours per year. Difference Design Strategies are represented by specific zones on this chart The percentage of hours that fall into each of the 16 different Design Strategy Zones gives a relative idea of the most effective passive heating or passive cooling strategies. Climate Consultant analyzes the distribution of this psychrometric data in each Design Strategy zone in order to create a unique list of Design Guidelines for a particular location.

If you wish to work with the full desktop or laptop version of Climate Consultant, select the appropriate installation version below:

Download Climate Consultant 5.4 [For Windows] (33 MB) *

Download Climate Consultant 5.4 [For Mac] (13 MB) (Coming Soon)

Climate Consultant 5.4 is the full release with the most up-to-date graphics for newer operating systems. If you have problems displaying the 3D Charts screens you should download and install Climate Consultant 5.3 instead.

Download Climate Consultant 5.3 [For Windows] (29 MB)

* NOTE: Vista and Windows 7 users have been able to install and run it successfully if they are the designated Systems Administrator (go to Settings, Control Panel, Users) and if you are not on a network or behind a firewall. If you are running on a network, see your systems administrator for permission to install it. Vista installation problems may be solved if users lower their level of security. Here is a workaround. When you install the program, explicitly change the target directory to C:\CC5 in order to bypass the C:\Program Files security restriction, then the installation should finish without error. Please let us know if you have questions.


CCLite is a web version of Climate Consultant offering most of the functionality available in the full download version of Climate Consultant although it will only access EPW data for the 16 California Climate zones. It also does not allow project data to be saved for future retrieval or the display of the 3D plots.

GO TO CCLite Page.


The Psychrometric Chart Tutorial is a dynamic graphic and audio presentation that shows the relationship between air temperature and humidity, and how this influences human thermal comfort. It is written in Flash and you can download a copy below. If you do not already have it you will also need to download the free Flash Player from the link below.

PsyChartTutorial [Released September 15, 2008] (After downloading the file, open the file and then open the PsyChart.html file.)

Download the Flash Player at


Climate Data for HEED and Climate Consultant is available for over one thousand locations around the world on the EnergyPlus web site. (See READ-EPW (Automatic) or READ-EPW (Manually) for details.)

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