HEED: Home Energy Efficient Design

If you already have HEED running, you can install this new version in the same folder, and all your data will be preserved. Just hit Recalculate Old Projects to update each scheme.

HEED is free.


EPW EnergyPlus Weather Data: You can download climate data for thousands of locations around the world at the EnergyPlus web site. (See READ-EPW (Automatic) or READ-EPW (Manually) for details.)

View HEED Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download HEED Workshop Slides 2010 (6 MB. PDF file)

Download Report: HEED Summary Validation Report 2012 (1.6 MB. PDF file)

Download: HEED User Survey: March 2002

Download: HEED User Survey: May 2006

Download: Instructions on Copying Schemes or Projects to Another Computer

Download: Instructions on How to Assemble Multiple Schemes from Different PCs (3 page pdf)

Our full set of Energy Design Tools and Technical Bibliography is available on: http://www.energy-design-tools.aud.ucla.edu