HEED-Tablet Download Page:

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The Beta Tablet version of HEED was written to run on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet or newer. Be sure you are reading this page from your Tablet, because it will self-install on this system.
CAUTION: you should not download this tablet version onto your laptop or your desktop because the GUI is not intended to run on desktop PCs:

Windows Tablet Installation:

HEED self-installs as a stand-alone program only on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PCs (Windows Surface Pro 3 Tablet or newer).

HEED Current 64-bit Beta Release TABLET version:


NOTE 1: If you install this new version in an existing HEED folder, it will preserve your prior design data. Otherwise you can start fresh by installing it in a new folder that you might call HEED-new.

NOTE 2: If you are having difficulty installing or running HEED, be sure to follow the default procedure which installs HEED at the top level (C:\HEED), and do not use folder names longer that 8 characters. If you are running behind a firewall or on a network, stop and see your systems administrator for permission to install it. If you get an OpenGL warning or strange graphics behavior be sure you have installed the latest version of your graphics driver and that you have the current Windows Service Pack installed.

NOTE 3: This newest release is similar to the prior Build 22 except that it resolves a problem some users had with 3-D graphics. It now calculates shading on each window for each hour from distant trees and neighboring structures, this is in addition to the prior calculation of shading from overhangs and fins that are attached to the building. Therefore, the Installer now must check to see if your graphics card and graphics drivers are compatible with HEED’s 3-D graphic calculations, and if not it might install a prior less-complex version. See also HELP on any HEED screen with 3D Graphics.

NOTE 4: If you encounter an error while running HEED, please use the Archive command in the Library menu and email the archive this creates, along with a few words about what you were doing, to energy.design.tools@ucla.edu.