Converting TMY2 Weather Data Files into UCLA Energy Design Tool Format

You can convert any of the 239 TMY2, Typical Meterological Year 2, data files into a format that will run on Climate Consulant 2.0 and Solar 5.4; two of UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design Energy Design Tools. The 239 sites include cities in all 50 states in the U.S. and some of it's territories.

For more information about the TMY2 data files see "User's Manual forTMY2s, Typical Meterological Years," June 1995 version, by William Marion and Ken Urban, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The data files are derived from the the 1961-1990 National Solar Radiation Data Base. The manual is available from the NREL in Golden,Colorado.

The manual and all 239 weather data files areavailable on-line at

For information about this program contact Murray Milne at

I. Download TMY2 Weather Data File

Download the weather data file you want to convert using Netscape or Internet Explorer typing in the location exactly as shown.

Scroll down to TMY2 Data Files in Zipped Format section then select the first option (double-click with the mouse), In alphabetical order by state and city.

Find the state and city you are interested in and select the DOS format option.

A dialog box will appear with the title Saves As ... Select the drive (Drives:)and directory (Directories:) where you want to store the downloaded file. The File Name: is automatically filled in. Click OK. Remember the File Name, 41415.exe for this example.

Exit Netscape

II. Extract TMY2 Data File

Using Windows File Manager or Expolrer open the drive and directory where you saved the downloaded file. D:\TEMP\ for the example.

Double-click the file name with the mouse. Wait until the extraction program finishes (the screen may turn black).

Press the F5 key to refresh the file manager screen. You should now see a new file in the directory similiar to the name 41415.tm2.

Write down the full file name and its path you will need to know this to use the conversion program. For the above it would be D:\TEMP\41415.tm2.

III. Download TM2S5 Data File Conversion Program

Download either the dos or windows version of the conversion program from the Energy Tools Homepage. You may want to locate it in the same directory where your TMY2 files are located.

IV. Convert File to Energy Tools File Format

From the file manager double-click on the tm2s5win.exe file name, or from DOS change the directory to that where the conversion file is located and type in tm2s5dos then enter. Follow the instructions on the screen.

At the TMY2 File Name = prompt type in the exact name you wrote down in part II (D:\TEMP\41415.tm2 for the example).

The Directory Name = can be any location you like. If you are running the Energy Tools in the UCLA AUD computer lab you should store the generated files on a clean floppy disk.

Press Alt + F4 or Alt + Enter + C to close the conversion programs window if you used the windows version of the program.

You should now have the two files you need to run Climate Consultant 2.0 or Solar 5.4 stored on your computer or on a floppy disk. Use the file manager or explorer to check if the files are there. The file names should look like the following.

V. Clean-up Your Hard Drive

You can safely delete the downloaded file, the extracted file and the conversion program if you like. For the example they would be,

41415.exe in D:\TEMP\

41415.tm2 in D:\TEMP\

tm2s5win.exe in D:\TEMP\